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Finally! We post a fic!

Yes, finally, a fic is posted. 

Title: Once in a Blue Moon (I Want...)
Authors: S and M (Stitches and Mace)
Rating: Mature 
Genre: Light smut; one-Shot; slash.
Pairing: Tommy/Merton
Fandom: Big Wolf on Campus
Warnings: Sexual goings on, perhaps minor language (Mace has a potty-mouth…I just have a dirty mind.), and worst of all…OOC! :gasp:
Summary: The second full moon of a blue moon has some prit-tea (pretty) weird effects on a certain werewolf… (One Shot; slash (Tommy/Merton); and light smut.) First Big Wolf on Campus story by S and M…don’t be too harsh. 

Note: If you do not enjoy the Tommy and Merton pairing I suggest you run away now, but…if you DO enjoy the pairing, click and read and leave a comment; it helps us write stories that the readers will enjoy too. -
Disclaimer: S and M do not own Big Wolf on Campus, Tommy or Merton…we just own the idea…so BACK OFF! :doink: Sorry, inside joke…
Final Note: Please read the closing notes after the story, they shouldn’t be too long and will explain some things. 

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Once in a Blue Moon (I Want…)

Tommy trudged slowly towards his locker; today was not going well. He had yelled at the teacher in his first class, and then almost broke down in tears in his second. Worst of all, he didn't know why; there was absolutely no reason for him to be doing those things. Upon reaching his locker he began fumbling with his lock - for reasons beyond his comprehension he just couldn’t remember the combination. He groaned and put his forehead against the cool metal. Why did everything have to be so hard today? Was it ‘Pick on Tommy Dawkins Day’ and everyone forgot to tell him?
A hand fell onto his shoulder. "Hey Tommy! I have to tell you - "
The werewolf spun around, eyes glowing yellow, and a growl vibrated through his throat. Merton jumped and stepped back, letting out a small yelp.
"Oh...sorry, Merton..." Tommy turned back to his locker and tried once again to get it open.
"Um...is something wrong, Tommy?"
Tommy sighed and shook his head. "I don't know...FUCK! What is my damn locker combination?" he yelled suddenly, earning several glances from passers-by.
"Clockwise to 12...counter-clockwise to 5...clockwise to 2..." Merton told him softly, slightly concerned.
“Okay...clockwise, counterclockwise, and then clockwise...would clockwise be left or right...?” Merton suppressed an eye-roll. "Right, Tommy..."

"Okay, you don't have to get mad about it!" Tommy sniffed, his eyes filling with tears. Merton looked at the football player with something in between horror, shock, and concern. "I'm not mad, Tommy...you're acting weird..."
"Well you're not so normal yourself sometimes! Can't a guy get a little emotional without being called weird?"
"Yes, Tommy, I'm sorry." Merton said, more to stop his friend's almost-yelling than anything. "Let's just...go to lunch.”

"Okay!" Tommy flashed a big smile and shut his locker, "Let's go...I heard they have cupcakes."
Merton raised an eyebrow at his friend’s, well, not-very-normal (even for a teenage werewolf) behavior. Tommy led the way to the cafeteria, happily bouncing on his heels with every step. Merton followed behind, staring at Tommy's back strangely. He was acting worse than his sister when she was PMS-ing...

Both boys got their lunches and took a seat in their normal spots next to Lori.
"So, are you coming tonight?" Merton asked, glancing briefly at Tommy who stared at the chocolate cupcake he had gotten.
"I can't." Lori said, "My parents want to try this lame 'family night' thing..." She rolled her eyes, "It's just going to be you and…”

"Stupid cupcake!" Merton and Lori (plus, most of the lunch room) looked at Tommy, who threw his cupcake onto the floor angrily. He stared at it for a minute longer, until his eyes were once again brimming with tears.
"My cupcake..."
Lori stared at him a moment before looking to Merton for an answer.

"What's wrong with him?" Merton shook his head. "I don't know…he's been acting weird all morning…he nearly broke down earlier when I told him and when I suggested lunch he cheered up and now he's…" the boy and girl stared at their friend, puzzled looks on their faces. Tommy was sitting at the table sobbing, his hands covering his face. Occasionally, when the sobbing had receded and he was just sniffling, he'd peek out between his fingers, see the cupcake, and start sobbing again.

"Well you know, it is a full moon night. Maybe that's what it is?" Lori suggested, shrugging as she polished off her french fries.

"That could be it..." Merton agreed, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

"Okay, I have to go. See you guys later," Lori said, slapping Merton on the shoulder as she walked away, leaving Merton alone with a moody werewolf.

"I think that maybe we should skip the rest of the day and just go to the Lair, what do you think big guy?"
Tommy looked at Merton and sniffed.
"'Big guy'? Are you...are you calling me fat?"
Again, Merton gave Tommy the mixed look. "No...I'm not...actually, you're quite fit."
"Cool!" A clueless grin spread across his face, "Anyway, I'll be at your house tonight at five. See ya." Tommy stood up and threw the untouched contents of his tray (along with the red plastic itself) into a garbage can and headed out of the cafeteria...even though lunchtime had just started.

Tommy shifted on the couch where he sat next to Merton in the Lair; the shorter boy elbowed him and gave him an odd look.
“Sorry.” Tommy said before shifting again. There was a moment of silence before Merton asked him what was wrong. “You’ve been acting weird all day today, mind telling me what’s going on?”
Tommy wrung his hands.
“I can’t about the other stuff…but, I get like this before the full moon. I don’t like…” Tommy paused. “I don’t like transforming.”
“You do it all the time and it doesn’t seem to bother you all that much then…”
“No, it’s different than wolfing-out,” Tommy looked to the floor so Merton wouldn’t see the ashamed look that adorned his face, “It…hurts.” He looked up. Why was he so scared of Merton seeing his shame…they were, after all, best friends, right?

“Well then, I can’t blame you for not liking it.” Merton said sympathetically. Afterwards a rather awkward (for whatever reason) silence set in.
“I’m glad Lori isn’t here tonight…I don’t think I’d ever live that down. I have a feeling she’d make fun of me all the time after.”
Merton gave him an odd look.
“I don’t look all that great when I fully transform.”

“Actually Tommy, you look horrible!”
Tommy raised an eyebrow, “Thanks, Mert. maybe I should’ve just stayed home tonight…I’ve seen Night of the Living Dead with you four times already.”

“Fifth is the best time. Besides, I didn’t mean you look horrible…just…when you’re fully transformed, you’re a little…what’s the word…disturbing.”

“And again, thanks.”

“Sorry.” Another awkward silence - they seemed to have a lot of these when Lori wasn’t around.

“Yoo Hoo?” Merton asked, breaking the silence. Tommy nodded, in the past few minutes he’d grown quite thirsty for some unknown reason. Merton leapt to his feet and headed towards a black mini-fridge he had behind his desk. He disappeared behind it; a moment later he popped up with a can in hand. “Sorry Tommy, I guess all I have is Mountain Dew¹.”

“That’s fine.” Tommy responded - any kind of liquid would do. Merton began to head back to the couch, before he could reach it however; a yelling voice filled the whole of the Lair. “Freaker! Give me my hair gel and mousse right now or I swear that creepy snake is going to be a purse!” Merton let out a little nervous laugh and tossed Tommy the can of soda.
“One minute…our resident demon calls.” He said sticking his pointer finger into the air and sprinting up the stairs.

When Merton had reached the top Tommy checked his watch; 6:05…just a minute to sunset…6:06…he closed his eyes, ready for a wave of pain to wash over…nothing. Slowly he opened one eye and did I quick look over of his body; nothing had changed. Wait, something had…he sniffed the air…the smell of the Lair…it was somehow, different. What was it? Candles, smoke, Yoo Hoo, and - he shivered with delight – Merton. Why hadn’t he noticed how delicious the boy smelled before? I wonder if he tastes this good…

It was then that Merton walked back into the Lair after a few minutes of muffled yelling from upstairs; he stuck his index finger in his ear and wiggled it around.
“I have to give her credit – she has the lungs to be in a death metal band. Of course, the songwriting would be questionable, bu – Tommy, what are you doing?”

At this time Merton had noticed Tommy had gotten up from the couch and stepped in front of him to block his path; the taller boy/werewolf simply growled in response as he grabbed one of Merton’s wrists.
“Merton, I want something…” He said as he looked into blue eyes.
“Don’t we all…? Heh…heh…heh…” the other laughed nervously, staring up at his friend.

Tommy moved closer and put his mouth to Merton’s ear.
“I want…” he licked his lips, “you.” His voice was almost a purr. Merton backed up a little bit, trying to figure out if Tommy was possibly possessed. Tommy’s eyes switched from their hazel color to a golden-yellow as he stalked towards Merton, a small smile on his lips, white fangs poking out from under the top lip. Merton’s eyes widened, could this be real? Was this a dream come true or just a dream?

Tommy took another step forward, growling again and Merton realized that he wasn’t growling in menace but in lust. It also occurred to him that this could be because of the full moon, but surely he would have read something about it? Some book or website could’ve warned him, but no…

Merton opened his mouth to protest, but before a sound could make its way out Tommy came forward and pressed his mouth against Merton’s pale pink lips; he dug his tongue in. He ran it over every centimeter and moaned softly; the smell…the taste…it was all so much! He took his hands and ran them down to Merton’s hips and towards his pant’s zipper. Merton’s eyes, which had closed in ecstasy, cracked open suddenly. He mustered all the strength he could to push Tommy away.

“Tommy, stop. Believe me, I’d love for this to happen, but I don’t want you to regret this later if you’re under the influence of something else.”

Tommy stepped forward. “The only thing I’m under the influence of is how hot you are…” he licked his lips and flashed his fangs as he grabbed the belt loops of Merton’s jeans. He began pulling up the Goth’s shirt; Merton twisted his body and squirmed out of the red silk he’d been wearing, taking cover behind his desk.

“Tommy, it’s obvious you’re not in control at the moment…but I hope you’ll come to long enough to give me back my shirt and allow me to chain you up.”

Tommy’s eyes flashed again and he leapt over the desk and landed beside his short friend. He looked him straight in the eye, a sly smile creeping across his face.

“Why don’t I chain you up instead?”

Before Merton could move or protest, the werewolf grabbed him and tossed him onto the bed. A single shackle hung from one of the metal posts; Tommy grabbed it and snapped it around the other boy’s thin wrist.

“Uh…heh…funny, Tommy, you’re such a funny guy…”

Tommy slipped off his own shirt and took both hands down to Merton’s hips for the second time that evening.

“Okay, time to stop…I’d like to keep my pants…”

“And I’d like you to lose them.” Tommy smiled seductively as he undid the button and then the zipper; he grabbed the belt loops again and pulled Merton’s pants down slowly to reveal a pair of black boxer shorts; rather tight ones too. The werewolf shivered with excitement as fur spread across his face, he pressed his body close to Merton’s, breathing hotly on the pale boy’s neck; said pale boy groaned as his pants suddenly got a whole lot tighter. Tommy purred.
“See…you are enjoying this.”

“Maybe I am, but - oh - so not the point!” Merton made a hand gesture with his one free hand.

Tommy leaned back a little bit. “You talk too much…” He leaned down to Merton’s face, he then took his tongue and traced it around Merton’s lips; underneath he could feel the smooth lips crack a smile and then a small…giggle? He continued licking, tracing Merton’s jaw and then going down his throat. He reached the junction between the spiky-haired boy’s neck and shoulder. Carefully, he began to nibble and suck but still rubbing his tongue across it. Merton moaned and his toes curled slightly, shackled hand clutching the bed post and free hand wrapped around Tommy’s shoulders…this was so wrong, but it felt so right…

He closed his eyes and his body trembled; the excitement of it all, the fun of it all, the sheer naughtiness of it all…No! He couldn’t do this…he couldn’t let Tommy do this, he wanted Tommy to do it, but not like this…he wanted it to be a choice of Tommy’s…not some higher force.
“T-Tommy!” Merton choked out, finding it surprisingly hard to move his tongue. The werewolf simply connected eyes with him and continued his sucking.
“You can’t, we can’t…I mean, it’s just not fair…not right…wrong…wrong.” Smooth.

Tommy didn’t reply but slipped down to one of Merton’s nipples and continued his licking. Merton had to suppress a giggle as he tried again. “I’m serious…cut it out…hey no…” Tommy had left his post at the boy’s chest and slid down to skin just under the naval and began roughly sucking at the even paler skin. All of Merton’s muscles tightened…why him? Why now? Any other time he probably wouldn’t care, he would know that it was a conscious decision, but now he didn’t feel right…he was cheating.

Merton moaned; he was so fucking turned on at this point and he knew Tommy could feel his erection. It was so amazing - it was like Tommy had done this before - but, no, it was wrong! W-R-O-N-G, wrong!

"Tommy..." he groaned, making weak attempts to push him off. Tommy ignored him. His tongue snaked out and lightly caressed the skin on Merton's stomach. The werewolf smiled when he felt Merton shiver; he could smell the desire coming off him in waves.
"Oh, god, Tommy...fuck...stop..." Merton's words came out in short gasps. Again, Tommy ignored him, and moved his hands up to begin taking Merton's black boxers off. A primal growl escaped Tommy's lips as he took in the sight. He reached out and began to stroke the hardened member, making Merton think he might just come right now. Tommy grinned once more and flipped the Goth over effortlessly. After flipping the boy over he quickly pulled his pants off and tossed them to some unknown place, boxers and all.

Tommy slid his now naked body up against Merton's and began nibbling on his ear, earning another shiver.

“Oh, Tommy...” Merton murmured as he finally gave in. Tommy smiled and whispered in his best friend's ear. “See...this isn't so wrong after all.”


The first thing Tommy became aware of was the smells. There was a faint trace of the Lair and Merton, but the scent of sex was the strongest. He sat up slowly, putting a hand to his head. Flashes of the previous night's engagement came back to him and nearly caused him to leap from the bed.

“Oh God…” He murmured to himself. Merton would never talk to him again…how could he do that? The truth was right there; he had raped Merton! Tommy got to his feet and frantically began looking for his clothes, he just had to get out of the Lair before Merton…it hit him then (hit him hard) that Merton wasn't in the bed with him.

Maybe…he just went for a walk…or ran away from me… Tommy hung his head and almost whined; the thought that he had just ruined the best friendship he may have ever had made him feel horrible…and what he had done to ruin that friendship made him sick to his stomach. He shook the thoughts away and continued his search for his clothes. From under the bed a blue pant leg stuck; Tommy grabbed it quickly and pulled them on. He didn't even care if he had underwear or not, he just had to get out and away from the smell.

He was just zipping up his pants when the door opened, and in walked Merton. Tommy looked up from his waist and looked at the other teenager, sadness adorning his eyes. “Morning.” Merton said casually to break the awkward silence that had fallen across the Lair. Tommy looked Merton over; it seemed as if he had just gotten out of the shower since his hair wasn't gelled into spikes and the black silk robe he wore stuck to his chest. Tommy was glad that whatever had come over him the night before wasn't there any longer…otherwise; he'd have to throw him down and do it all over again. More flashes came to Tommy and that feeling of guilt arose in the pit of his stomach again.

“Oh, God, Merton, I'm so sorry…I don't know what happened last night, I-I just couldn't help myself, I don't know why I did it but I did and I'd take it back because it was wrong and I know it was wrong but I couldn't…”

Tommy wrung his hands and stared at them - he couldn't bring himself to look Merton in the eye. “I mean, I'll understand totally if you never want to talk to me again…”


The boy looked away from his hands to find that Merton was standing maybe an inch away from his body.
"All that is great and all, but…” the black-haired boy fiddled with the hem of the silk robe and then looked at Tommy, a sheepish smile on his face. “I kinda…” he paused briefly, “…liked it.”


...Last Stop Before Exiting…

1 – The Mountain Dew thing is kind of an inside joke, it seemed as if everywhere we looked (movies, TV shows, the refrigerator…) we would find Mountain Dew! So, we thought we’d do some product placing ourselves…and in a way, Mountain Dew sponsored this story. Why…if it wasn’t for those glasses of the caffeine-containing yellow-green substance, this story would have never come to be! So grab a can of MD and drink away! New View, Same Dew! :thumbs up:

Notes From The Authors:

Stitches – First off I’d like to be cliché and thank all of those who read this story (and give a hug to all those who comment!) and then Stitches would like to thank Green Day’s ‘Blood, Sex, and Booze’. It is the inspiration for this…the chaining up, the “rape”, and Merton enjoying it…kind of. Oh, yes, and the makers of Big Wolf on Campus, especially the writers who put so much damn subtext between Merton and Tommy…and then Brandon Quinn and Danny Smith for being such “buddies”…oh yeah, and Mace for being the best Partner in Crime ever! HOO-HA! :karate pose:
Mace – I would like to thank the Academy...:sniffs: No...I, also, want to thank Stitches for stabbing my writer's block in its patootie and making it go away! Basically, I want to thank everyone she did, along with all the authors who make stories like this one. We are the few, the proud...the writers of Tommy/Merton slash! As Stitches said...HOO-HA!

Explanation of Actions:

I suppose all of you are curious about Tommy’s actions in the story, the reason he acted all emotional and then why he got all lusty and molested the Merton…well here’s the answer: the moon. Stitches and Mace figured that it would just be too much work to have the beautiful Tommy Dawkins (or, any werewolf for that matter) fully transform two times in the same month, so…it just threw his hormones all out of whack.

Please review. Thanks.

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