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Oct. 20th, 2006

as per cosmicwhiskers' request, and yes, I wrote something in less than a week! it's a miracle! it's pretty random, just a little drabble, but hopefully it's decent.

Title: The Bitter Side of Sweet
Author: Mace
Summary: She was everything he dreamed of, and everything he dreaded. She was always everything.

The Bitter Side of Sweet

Her world was blue. A million different shades of it cascaded through her

whole life, delving into greens - it was like the ocean. He wanted so

much to be a part of that world. He asked his mother what the French word

was for blue so he could have something to call her, something that

seemed worthy – Bleu. It wasn’t much different from the English word, but

she loved it, and that’s what he wanted. That had always been everything

he wanted.

Her house had vines growing on it, all over the outside and creeping in

the front door. The walls inside were blue of course – even the lights

were blue, a pale, silvery color that reminded him of the moon. She was

his moon. She never seemed to care about the effect she was having on

him – or maybe she just never knew. She would float heedlessly in and out

of his life, just close enough to touch, and then leave him with nothing

but the barest taste of her presence. He had tried to find her once or

twice, but he never could. It was as if she never existed at all, as if

he had created her, as if she was something out of a dream he’d had once

and forgotten, merely the memory of her remaining. It was only when he

stopped looking, only when he’d finally settled into his own life,

finally stopped thinking about her, found peace – only then would she

come back. And it was always the same.

She would come and he would fall, over and over, again and again and he

was sure he should have died from all the times he’d hit the ground from

100 stories up. But it was all a game to her. He knew the only reason she

came was that she had power over him, she could control him. Maybe, he

thought, maybe she comes when her life isn’t going right and she feels

too helpless – maybe she comes just to reassure herself that she isn’t.

Every time – she would come, he would fall, he would wonder, and she

would leave, not to be found, lost to his world...until the day he left.

She came as she always did, as he expected – unexpectedly he would see

her on the street and she would smile in that way that made his knees

buckle. He was tempted – he could have let her come to him, let himself

fall, just like always – but he knew. He knew that he couldn’t go on this

way, that if he kept falling then eventually he would die. So he turned

around and walked away. He turned a corner and disappeared, lost himself.

He packed everything he owned and moved away where she couldn’t find him.

He made a new life for himself, away from her, away from the bars on his

windows and the locks on his doors, but still…he never forgot his ocean.

Feedback is especially appreciated, and I've been inspired so there's more on the way. Thank you!

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