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Okay, so I copied the prompt table from Fanfic100 and am using it to cure this chronic writer's block. All of the pieces will be no less than 100 words, but depending on inspiration they may not be much over that. Also, obviously they'll all be Tommy/Merton unless otherwise stated.
Anyways! On to the dribbles/drabbles/ficlets.

 Title: I Used To Think Maybe

Author: Mace

Rating: PG

Prompt: 001. Beginnings

Warning/s: None.

Summary: The real beginning isn't really clear.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tommy, Merton, or Big Wolf On Campus, but I do own the pen I used to write this with.

Author’s Notes: Just a snippet to start out.



Merton wasn’t sure how it happened, exactly, how it first started. A few more passing touches in the hallways at school, maybe, or sitting a little closer on the couch in the lair. He doesn’t remember any huge, defining moment – no confession or fears of being rejected. They both just knew.

It could have been the wolf in Tommy, sensing something in them both that modern society had repressed but the wolf felt freely. It could have just been the right time. It could have been a spell, it could have been insanity – it could have been anything, and really, Merton couldn’t care less.

Title: In The Act

Author: Mace

Rating: PG

Prompt: 002. Middles

Warning/s: Embarassment.

Summary: The Dingle family all had the worst possible timing.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything, yadda yadda yadda...

Author’s Notes: Also written late at night and in a very short time, as most of these are bound to be, so please go easy in your comments...



They were the most unbelievably mortifying few moments of Merton’s life, and he was only glad his father hadn’t been home. He and Tommy had been watching a movie and the afternoon turned into what those afternoons tended to turn into – another excuse to find out exactly the spots to lick, kiss or bite that would wolf Tommy out the fastest. They were right in the middle – by some miracle Merton hadn’t managed to take Tommy’s control yet – when not just Becky, but their mother walked in, without so much as a knock. The boys scrambled apart, but the damage had already been done. Mrs. Dingle turned an alarming shade of red and Becky let out a terrifying high-pitched roar, reminding Merton appropriately of a black panther.

His mother immediately made an appointment with her therapist, Becky refused to speak to him for weeks, and Merton? He put a deadbolt on his door.

Fin! For now...



Jul. 8th, 2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
^_^ so cute

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