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Second new member!

HI SECOND NEW MEMBER. wow, this community is getting more attention now than when it was actually active. XD

so as I said (like a year ago) the last time we got a new member, Stitches and I aren't doing much writing together anymore, and we've fallen out of the wonderful fandom of Big Wolf just a bit. BUT feel free to make full use of the community and if you know any other Tommy/Merton fans out there, invite them too. ^_^

suggestions/comments/complaints/suspicious werewolf-like activity? I'm still around so shoot me a PM.


- Mace

Feb. 5th, 2009

LOOK WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER. the first member actually besides me and Stitches. HI FIRST NEW MEMBER. *WAVES*

Stitches and I no longer live in the same country, so it's hard for us to write together so this community is moooostly dead. but feel free to play in it as much as you'd like anyways, the world can always use more BWOC love! :D

- Mace


Okay, so I copied the prompt table from Fanfic100 and am using it to cure this chronic writer's block. All of the pieces will be no less than 100 words, but depending on inspiration they may not be much over that. Also, obviously they'll all be Tommy/Merton unless otherwise stated.
Anyways! On to the dribbles/drabbles/ficlets.

 Title: I Used To Think Maybe

Author: Mace

Rating: PG

Prompt: 001. Beginnings

Warning/s: None.

Summary: The real beginning isn't really clear.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tommy, Merton, or Big Wolf On Campus, but I do own the pen I used to write this with.

Author’s Notes: Just a snippet to start out.

Title: In The Act

Author: Mace

Rating: PG

Prompt: 002. Middles

Warning/s: Embarassment.

Summary: The Dingle family all had the worst possible timing.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything, yadda yadda yadda...

Author’s Notes: Also written late at night and in a very short time, as most of these are bound to be, so please go easy in your comments...

Fin! For now...


Oct. 20th, 2006

as per cosmicwhiskers' request, and yes, I wrote something in less than a week! it's a miracle! it's pretty random, just a little drabble, but hopefully it's decent.

Title: The Bitter Side of Sweet
Author: Mace
Summary: She was everything he dreamed of, and everything he dreaded. She was always everything.

But he never could deny her...Collapse )

Feedback is especially appreciated, and I've been inspired so there's more on the way. Thank you!

new username

yes, this is Mace, formerly opiate_junkie. damn, we have a bad habit of not updating frequently...AT ALL...I'm going to apologize for that. Stitches and I have been talking about collaborating on something again, which hopefully will happen soon, but in the meantime I'm taking requests - either for collaborations or stories authored by either me or Stitches. I stole these instructions from her livejournal, just to let people know.

in your comment, leave one or more of the following:


* Song title and artist.

* Book, movie, tv show - these might not get written if we haven't read/seen the book, movie or tv show you ask for, but in that case we'll let you know and you can make another request.

* The theme or mood of the drabble - haunting, happy, guilt, anger, etc.

* Character descriptions if you have specific characters you want.

* Random prompts - words, sentences or other random snippets that inspire the story.

* Anything else you might want written about.

This would REALLY REALLY help us get back into writing and collaborating, so please help us out!

big thank you and a tip of the hat!


Finally! We post a fic!

Yes, finally, a fic is posted. 

Title: Once in a Blue Moon (I Want...)
Authors: S and M (Stitches and Mace)
Rating: Mature 
Genre: Light smut; one-Shot; slash.
Pairing: Tommy/Merton
Fandom: Big Wolf on Campus
Warnings: Sexual goings on, perhaps minor language (Mace has a potty-mouth…I just have a dirty mind.), and worst of all…OOC! :gasp:
Summary: The second full moon of a blue moon has some prit-tea (pretty) weird effects on a certain werewolf… (One Shot; slash (Tommy/Merton); and light smut.) First Big Wolf on Campus story by S and M…don’t be too harsh. 

Note: If you do not enjoy the Tommy and Merton pairing I suggest you run away now, but…if you DO enjoy the pairing, click and read and leave a comment; it helps us write stories that the readers will enjoy too. -
Disclaimer: S and M do not own Big Wolf on Campus, Tommy or Merton…we just own the idea…so BACK OFF! :doink: Sorry, inside joke…
Final Note: Please read the closing notes after the story, they shouldn’t be too long and will explain some things. 

Please review. Thanks.

May. 25th, 2006

WE'RE BACK! Or, at least, I'm back. We won't be back until we're in the same country again.
I'm working on fixing Once in a Blue Moon, because I read it and discovered...a lot of errors...so, I'm going to put that up here at some point in the near future. Also we're working on a story involving Kitty!Merton, so watch for that. Everything is going to be dedicated to cosmicwhiskers because she's the only one who watches this community.


Pink Summer
Psychedelic Hamster Meat
Punkie Pixies
Jesus in Blue Jeans
Molly's Orange Sorbet
Hug the Walrus Man
Viva La Nico
Amoung the Irish
The Little People
Say Cheese
girls with guns
Death by Media
the Skellingtons
Trixy Pixy (Pixie?)
Suzi Q
Cheshire Grin

Stitches, those are my favorite band names. I know, I know, this has nothing to do with BWOC or dirty things...but maybe we'll write a song for one of our stories, I don't know.

WRITER'S BLOCK SUCKS! even with BWOC episodes every night, I still can't seem to find the inspiration to write stuff. although I desperately want to. I wish I could listen to Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground. that would probably give me inspiration to write my T/M fluff/smut piece. but, sadly...I can't. *scowls* MY STOMACH HURTS!